Amee Saffron / Kesar , 40 Grams in One Box ( 2 Gm x 20 Pcs Per Box )


Introducing One Box = 2 g  x 20 Pcs = 40 g Net Weight  Cash on Delivery Available for Delivery within INDIA.

✔️ Kashmiri Mongra Saffron I 100% ORGANIC  I  FSSAI Approved with ISO standard tested Grade 1 ISO 3632 Category I Tested & Certified by NABL Accredited Laboratory.

✔️ First Time In India : Unique SLIDE-ON PACK To Retain Freshness I Slider Pack Container and also Blister Card I Tamper Resistant Packaging I Reusable User-Friendly Container to enhance your experience.

✔️ Only One In India : Written Guarantee of Purity I If You Prove Amee Saffron Is Not Pure I YOU WILL GET Rs. 21,000/-.

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